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Top HR influencers to follow in 2020

The volume of online information related to HR technology appears to be increasing at an exponential rate as it acquires momentum. Sifting through the noise to find valuable insights might be challenging. Is there a method to simplify the process?

Yes! These HR Tech influencers have been actively advocating for the field throughout their careers, and their online output is available for your perusal. If you are in search of an exceptional source of inspirational content, we encourage you to follow the opinion leaders featured in this list.


Hung Lee

Hung Lee, the co-founder and CEO of workshape.io, a platform that matches employees to positions based on task distribution, is committed to promoting a more intelligent and efficient approach to employment in the technology sector.

Hung publishes a weekly newsletter at Recruiting Brainfood, which contains a wealth of information regarding a variety of recruitment-related topics, including workflow automation, the future of work, and remote work. He remains informed about the most recent HR technology news and offers comprehensive resources. The newsletter is distributed to more than 16,000 subscribers.

Hung has more than 15 years of experience in the Human Resources sector as a recruiter, manager, and trainer, and is consistently seeking more effective methods of bringing talent and matching positions.


Anna Ott

Anna has a wealth of experience in the areas of talent acquisition and HR technology solutions, with more than 19 years of experience. She is currently engaged in the development of recruitment strategies for companies and providing guidance on the use of tools that simplify the employment process. Anna also assists HR tech startups in the development of distinctive products and the engagement of consumers.

Anna, a prolific speaker and innovative thinker, frequently contributes her perspectives to a variety of HR-related events worldwide. Anna is adept at utilizing cutting-edge tools to establish compatible teams, as she acknowledges the importance of HR technology in recruitment.

She provides consulting services at calibr8.work, where she provides guidance to companies on how to optimize the employee journey to ensure that both employees and candidates have a positive experience.


Alexandre Pachulski

Alexandre is a driven HR professional who possesses an aptitude for developing innovative talent management solutions. He is one of the founders of Talentsoft, a comprehensive suite of tools for personnel management that includes recruitment, employee analytics, learning, and social media. He is meticulous in his approach to employee analytics, consistently striving to satisfy the requirements and aspirations of his employees.

Alexandre, a speaker and influencer, disseminates his expertise through numerous publications. He investigates the impact of AI on the future of humanity in his most recent work, Unique(s). His 20 years of experience in the field of HR render him a reliable expert.

David Green

David is the preferred source for curated news regarding the future of work and people analytics. He provides companies with guidance on the development of positive employee experiences that are informed by comprehensive data analysis. He serves as an executive director at Insight222, a board advisor at TrustSphere, and the CEO of Zandel, his own consulting firm.

This HR technology specialist is passionate about writing about the industry. Additionally, he generates a monthly compilation of the most noteworthy HR articles composed by other influencers. The majority of his writing is accessible on his LinkedIn page or through the newsletter that is accessible on his website. David, who is one of the most prominent influencers in HR tech, attends numerous conferences annually, ensuring that there is always an opportunity to hear him speak live.

Volker Jacobs

Volker provides data-driven insights regarding employee experience by leveraging his expertise as a consultant, analyst, speaker, and author. Volker is able to develop strategies that organizations should implement in order to enhance employee satisfaction and experience by providing a detailed summary of all the components that underlie this metric.

In 2016, Volker established his own company, TI People, with the support of his extensive executive experience. TI People assists organizations in the digitization of human resources processes, with a particular emphasis on personnel management.

TI People provides companies with the information required to transform their people management systems and establish a workplace that is both results-oriented and employee-friendly by analyzing employee experience.

Enrique Rubio

Enrique Rubio, the co-founder of Cotopaxi and the founder of Hacking HR, is a specialist in technology and HR. Enrique’s work delves into the subject of HR digitization, a field in which he has been employed for more than 18 years. He combines his engineering expertise with a strong passion for HR.

In cities across the globe, Hacking HR organizes encouraging forums. The community, which is comprised of forward-thinking HR professionals, frequently engages in thought-provoking discussions and transformative ideas regarding HR technology and the future of work. Cotopaxi, Enrique’s other business venture, is an AI-based recruitment platform that targets the Latin American market.

The most recent HR technology news and valuable resources are readily available on his Twitter account, which he shares with enthusiasm.

Philippa Penfold

Pip is one of the most sought-after HR tech influencers due to her 20 years of professional experience and expertise. She provides companies with guidance on their HR strategies and practices in order to optimize growth and efficiency by leveraging the workforce of the future.

Pip is the CEO and co-founder of People Collider, an experiential learning solution that is specifically designed for HR teams that are interested in acquiring specialized skills. People Collider endeavors to motivate HR professionals by offering courses and events that ignite the desire for innovation. Pip is a frequent speaker at the most significant HR technology conferences worldwide.

Bill Kutik

Bill is the primary influence behind the HR Technology Conference, which is widely considered to be the most significant event dedicated to HR technology worldwide. He is a prominent expert and influencer in a variety of fields, including AI, analytics, employee experience, talent management, and recruiting.

Bill is the host of his own YouTube video series, “Firing Line with Bill Kutik,” in which he engages in discussions with industry executives regarding the present state of HR, HR technology, and the future of work. Additionally, he maintains a consistent column in HR Executive and other media outlets. He has participated in over 157 public interviews and forums, delivered nearly 200 radio speeches, and published more than 200 columns.

Steve Boese

You have already encountered the founder of the HR Technology Conference; it is now time to meet its current co-chair, Steve, who provides a wealth of intriguing insights on his Twitter account.

Steve is also the technology editor and writer for HR Executive, and he is capable of producing curated, thought-provoking content. Additionally, he serves as a co-host of the weekly podcast “HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast,” which addresses a diverse array of HR-related subjects, including talent management, recruiting, and workplace technology. He is considered one of the most influential figures in the field.

Steve acquired a wealth of experience while working at Oracle on innovative enterprise HCM solutions. He is the CEO and co-founder of H3 HR Advisors, a company that offers advisory services to executives in the human capital management (HCM) sector.

Frida Polli, Ph.D.

Frida co-founded Pymetrics, an AI-powered people recommendation engine, drawing on her extensive neuroscience expertise. In the context of talent management and position assignment, the technology leverages gamification. The platform’s objective is to eliminate bias from the recruiting process, ensuring that successful recruitment is determined by the applicant’s relevant skills and experience.

Accenture, Infosys, LinkedIn, Unilever, and McDonald’s have already integrated Pymetrics into their talent acquisition processes. Organizations can develop novel strategies to preserve efficiency and diversity in the workplace using the software.

Frida is a frequent speaker at a variety of HR technology conferences worldwide, where she imparts her distinctive, neuroscience-influenced perspective on recruitment.

Karen Azulai

Karen Azulai is a keynote speaker at conferences throughout Europe and is a renowned HR tech evangelist and advisor to HR technology entrepreneurs.

Karen is a co-founder of HRTechnation, a platform that disseminates news and analyses of topics pertaining to the HR industry and technology. HRTechnation is an exceptionally meticulous source of information for administrators and HR professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the field.

Karen explores the impact of technology on the recruitment process on her blog and contemplates potential improvements to enhance its effectiveness and human-friendliness. She also co-leads the Israeli HR Tech founder’s community, where she promotes debate and shares her expertise and ideas.

Kieran Snyder

Kieran Snyder concludes our roster. Kieran, the CEO and co-founder of Textio, a revolutionary augmented writing platform that was launched in 2014, was recently recognized as one of the industry’s prominent female disruptors.

Thousands of job postings from around the globe are analyzed by Textio to identify patterns that determine the success of a job ad. Textio provides real-time recommendations for enhancing a job posting to increase the response rate within a targeted talent pool based on the data it has collected.

Kieran has a PhD in linguistics and a foundation in data science, which she further developed during her tenure at Amazon and Microsoft. She is a prolific writer for business news publications, including Fortune, Fast Company, Forbes, The Washington Post, and Slate, and is active on social media.