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Robots at work will give rise to super jobs

According to the 2019 Global Human Capital Trends report, work in the digital age is set to undergo a significant transformation, shifting from traditional jobs to machine-powered, data-driven roles.

Experts anticipate that emerging technologies will not only enhance everyday tasks, but also expand the range of responsibilities and redefine job roles.

“Despite the rapid transformation of the workplace due to AI, robotics, and automation, our research indicates that organizations are successfully adapting to these changes,” stated David Brown, the lead partner for Deloitte Human Capital.

The idea of a job is undergoing a fundamental transformation. It is interesting to note that in order to fully harness the potential of technology, organizations must restructure job roles to prioritize the human aspect of work.


Here are some examples of ‘super jobs’.

Jobs of the future will shift away from routine tasks, thanks to the rise of automated machines that can handle repetitive work.

“This will result in the creation of new roles that blend elements from various traditional jobs, forming integrated positions that capitalize on the substantial gains in productivity and efficiency that can be achieved when individuals collaborate with technology,” Brown explained.

Consider the example of a controller overseeing a mining operations center in one part of the world while remotely managing the logistics for a fleet of autonomous mining trucks in a different continent. This role is truly remarkable. Similarly, a doctor who operates via telemedicine to treat a patient in a different city also has an incredible job.

According to analysts from Deloitte, both the controller and doctor are utilizing technology to enhance human skills.

According to Brown, top-notch jobs demand a range of skills including problem-solving, communication, interpretation, and design. These roles require a diverse range of skills in various business domains, offering potential for career growth, professional development, and the ability to quickly acquire in-demand skills.