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AI vs ethics where does HRS loyalty lie

Let’s move on from the dystopian nightmares and alarmist headlines. According to one tech expert, HR should refocus the AI ethics debate on today’s technology.

According to Abhishek Gupta, founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, it is important for HR to shift the focus away from sensationalist ideas surrounding the potential robotic takeover, in order to alleviate any unnecessary anxiety among humans.

Gupta, a renowned AI ethics researcher, has extensively discussed the subject on a global platform. Every week, though, he brings together over 700 members – ranging from software developers to sociologists – for a lively discussion on AI. They discuss a range of subjects, including ethics and safety.

At the HR Tech Summit in Toronto, Gupta aims to provide HR professionals with a dose of reality. According to him, it’s quite common to be influenced by sensational job displacement headlines. However, the key is to prioritize the concrete aspects.

“Focus on the tools that people are currently using and the tools that they anticipate using soon,” he stated. Discuss some of the specific concerns and find a way to work together to resolve them. These concerns involve potential biases in datasets, particularly when sourcing candidates.

Helen Kontozopoulos, co-founder and director of the University of Toronto Department of Computer Science Innovation Lab, expressed a comparable viewpoint.

“To successfully incorporate artificial intelligence technologies into your organization, it is crucial to analyze your data, understand its insights, and develop effective strategies for managing and organizing it,” she advised.

In order for HR professionals to effectively lead discussions on ethical AI, it is crucial for them to develop a solid understanding of how these technologies operate, according to Gupta.

“It’s all about asking the correct questions instead of depending on others to give you the necessary information,” Gupta stated.

“If you’re considering purchasing a solution from a supplier, what are some inquiries you can make regarding the construction of that system?” he inquired. “Could you please provide information on the false positive rate and false negative rate?”

According to Daneal Charney, the director of talent at innovation hub MaRS Discovery District, it is crucial for HR to ensure that AI is serving their needs, rather than the other way around.

She mentioned that understanding the right kind of leadership questions to ask is crucial.