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Digital success is and always has been about people

Ultimate Software’s workforce has expanded from four employees in 1990 to 4,700, and its expansion is not merely a matter of statistics.

Ultimate, a software company based in the United States that specializes in the development of HR management tools, is adept at demonstrating its commitment to technology solutions that prioritize the well-being of its users.

Ultimate’s culture is the source of this deliberate product development approach. The organization is acknowledged as one of the most exceptional workplaces in North America.

Vivian Maza, the chief people officer, stated to HR Tech News that the phrase “People First” is not merely a slogan. I refer to it as a mantra. It is the essence of our being.”

Maza has been a member of Ultimate since its inception and is attributed with the development of the team’s employee experience.

The primary objective of Ultimate is to render service to its employees, which is the reason why 94% of its employees remain with the company for an extended period. This achievement is remarkable in light of the fact that even the most prominent organizations are currently experiencing difficulty in recruiting and retaining employees, as well as the aftermath of a global talent war.

The HR tech company offers a variety of benefits, including 100% employer-sponsored health insurance, paid parental leaves and childcare stipends, and employee volunteer support. The benefits are substantial, and they are extended to the employee’s families and communities.

“It has always been and will continue to be about individuals.” Maza stated, “We have been dedicated to the well-being of all of our employees from the outset, and this has allowed us to cultivate a productive and optimistic culture over the course of our 28-year history.”
Ultimate Software has also maintained a 96% customer retention rate, spanning from culture to technology. The team is currently engaged in the development of HR technology products that enable organizations to prioritize their employees. The organization is of the opinion that an effective digital strategy is consistently constructed around individuals.

Ultimate’s AI platform Xander is an example of this. It employs machine learning and natural language processing to analyze structured data, including tenure and employee sentiments.

“The key to success in the application of technology and data-driven insights in HR is to ensure that the technology does not replace people, but rather aids them in achieving their objectives, performing at their highest level, and progressing further in their careers,” stated Maza.

The CPO stated that Xander enables HR executives to engage in more profound conversations and “hear what employees are truly saying and understand how they are feeling.” In order to address any concerns, uncover new opportunities, and further build upon existing strengths of the workforce, HR executives can “take more effective action.”

“With this increased understanding, organizations can concentrate on their employees, engage in meaningful interactions, and establish a stronger human connection,” she stated. “It is technology that is collaborating with HR, rather than in opposition, to enhance the overall experience for all individuals.”

According to Maza, the selection of HCM software by a company can have a “substantial influence” on the daily experiences and work of its employees, regardless of their individual responsibilities, as the culture of the organization “sets the tone” for how individuals perceive and interact with the environment.