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In just 15 minutes, a new software can assess the capabilities of a job candidate using the incredible potential of artificial intelligence and facial analysis.

Unlike traditional video-based assessments, this innovative software goes beyond simply scheduling the interview, recording a clip of the Q&A, and sending it to a human recruiter for screening. Instead, it utilizes AI to closely analyze the candidate’s reactions.

HireVue, the recruitment technology specialist, has developed software that can detect numerous signals in a person’s language, tone, and facial expressions.

The system is capable of detecting even the most subtle movements and inflections. It can pick up on everything from a candidate’s eye twitch to the pitch of their voice. This happens while the applicant is responding to a series of questions or instructions.

The algorithm powering the new tool supposedly analyzes these data sets by comparing them to 25,000 other data points extracted from the profiles of successful candidates.

“If someone speaks at a slow pace, it is unlikely that you will remain on the phone to make a purchase,” stated Loren Larsen, the chief technology officer at HireVue, as reported by The Telegraph.

According to reports, Vodafone, Unilever, and Hilton are among the 700 companies that depend on the candidate screening tool.

However, similar to other machine learning software, there is a belief that the data sets used to train the algorithm may have limitations. Some experts are concerned that the AI system could potentially perpetuate biases found in the data sets, including prejudice against certain groups.

According to Anna Cox, a professor of human-computer interaction at University College London, the system has the potential to identify candidates who excel in interviews. On the other hand, there is a potential downside to this approach as it could exclude candidates who may not be exceptional in this particular activity, but possess the essential skills required for the job the employer is seeking to fill.