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Gender balance and the role of workplace tech

Women’s Day and Equal Pay Day hold significant importance beyond being mere dates on our calendars. According to Lisa Sterling, CPO at Ceridian and speaker at HR Tech Summit Toronto, these milestones reveal the ongoing gender inequalities that women still encounter.

The topic of gender equality, parity, and balance in the workplace is now receiving the recognition it deserves, and for good reason.

How did we reach this stage, and what steps can organizations take to achieve significant progress towards a workplace that is balanced in terms of gender?

Understanding the true meaning of #BalanceForBetter
Creating a harmonious work environment benefits everyone involved.

When gender equality is achieved, it leads to a better society for all. Striving for gender balance requires more than just rebranding existing ideas with a catchy slogan.

The theme reflects the changing dynamics of gender politics in the workplace and encapsulates the current state of affairs in 2019. It signifies a time where we can transform years of dedication and consciousness towards gender equality and fairness into impactful measures.

Take immediate action

What are some effective strategies for addressing gender imbalance in the workplace? Let’s shift our focus from lengthy discussions, studies, and panel discussions and instead take practical, tangible actions. Implementing effective strategies, policies, and programs is essential for driving meaningful change.

In order for positive change to occur, leaders must possess the bravery to pose challenging inquiries and be at ease with openness. Successful organizations understand the importance of empowering their employees to think critically and make strategic decisions when addressing gender imbalance. When a gender pay gap is brought to light, it is crucial for organizations to promptly address and rectify the issue.

In order for a business to truly champion gender balance, parity, and equality, it needs to move beyond mere values and mission statements and take concrete actions that will produce tangible outcomes.

In order to be true leaders in this space, companies must shift from a reactive position to a proactive position when it comes to gender pay audits.

Receive intelligent assistance

Prior to making any decisive moves, it is crucial to assess the current state of gender balance and parity within your organization.

So, what is the process for accomplishing this?

Progressive organizations leverage technology to gather data from various aspects of human capital management, enabling them to make informed decisions, analyze the data, and detect any potential pay gaps. These software programs allow managers to analyze compensation trends, specifically focusing on gender pay equity data, and make any necessary adjustments if disparities are found.

Organizations can enhance their dedication to gender balance in the workplace by involving third-party experts, going beyond self-evaluation. These professionals will not only assess your current situation, but also ensure that your company remains responsible in the long run.

As a business manager, it was clear to us at Ceridian that we were headed in the right direction. However, we also recognized the need to continuously improve and strive for excellence.

Last year, we made the decision to conduct a thorough analysis using EDGE, the globally recognized certification standard for assessing corporate dedication to gender equality.

As a business manager, we achieved EDGE certification in 2018 and are committed to further collaborating with them to enhance our ability to support women in advancing their careers in the technology industry, which is a cause close to our hearts.

Ensure that all programs are up to date

After completing audits and addressing gender pay gaps, it is important to assess other crucial aspects that impact women in the workplace, going beyond just equal pay.

Ensure that parental leave policies are more equitable and fair. Implement mentorship opportunities and sponsorship programs to foster the professional development of high-performing women in your organization.

Ensure that your workplace culture is adaptable, welcoming, and optimistic. One where individuals are empowered and trusted to excel in their roles. Efficiently balancing work and personal life in a manner that ensures the satisfaction of all parties involved will greatly contribute to the overall success of the organization.

What’s the bottom line?

In summary, it is important to set high goals, thoroughly analyze your company’s data, openly communicate your progress, and collaborate with expert organizations in gender equality to equip yourself with the necessary resources for making tangible progress.

Only then will you truly be able to effectively promote and inspire other organizations to prioritize gender balance in their operations.