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How to encourage transparent diversity in tech

In terms of advocating for inclusivity, Jamie Hoobanoff, the founder of The Leadership Agency and a speaker at HR Tech Summit New York, is the definitive champion.

One of the objectives of The Leadership Agency is to establish connections between innovative and diverse technology companies and high-end B2B clients. Furthermore, Hoobanoff is particularly proud of the Agency’s dedication to diversity, despite the fact that it exhibits a culture that is predominantly sales-oriented.

In addition, The Leadership Agency was awarded the HRD Readers’ Choice Award for Best Service Provider (Fewer Than 100 Employees) at the most recent Canadian HR Awards.

“Our company culture is exceedingly transparent,” she stated in an interview with HR Tech News. “Unfortunately, our industry lacks a high degree of transparency; therefore, transparency is one of our most fundamental business principles. I also like to believe that we are highly empathetic. Transparency is essential for the operational structure, as we are involved in both ends of the service we offer and the expertise we are ultimately providing is individuals, including candidates.

Right now, this is an essential component of conducting business in the technology sector. Technology is a saturated market, and in addition, negative publicity has increased the pressure on ethical companies such as Hoobanoff’s. She has become recognized for her commitment to the virtues of the cause.

“Our organization is genetically predisposed to this.” Our company is highly disciplined and driven, which is indicative of our sales-oriented nature. We have established objectives and targets. We are committed to assisting our clients in fulfilling their leadership potential, and we will go to great lengths to achieve this goal. It is not just about offering exceptional service or hiring exceptional individuals for the position; we genuinely believe that any assistance we can provide to assist our clients in the development of their brand is essential.

For the most part, we are aware that it is all about individuals. From recruiting the appropriate talent into our organization to working with the appropriate clients and tech start-ups, we aim to hire the right individuals for the task.

Hoobanoff’s commitment to advancing her organization’s diversity initiatives is rooted in her own leadership style, which she appropriately characterizes as “self-expressed.”

“It is understood by all who have worked with me or have been under my leadership that they are capable of expressing themselves fully and comprehending the expectations placed upon them.” I am extremely transparent regarding my expectations, I am a collaborative individual, and I believe that it is important for individuals to feel at ease in their daily responsibilities in order to challenge themselves. “In the workplace, individuals must possess the confidence to challenge ideas.”