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Greenhouse Software secures a funding of US$50m to further enhance their cutting-edge tool that effectively detects and addresses unconscious bias.
Greenhouse Software, a recruitment tech company based in New York, has successfully secured a substantial funding of US$50m. With the latest round of financing, Greenhouse has now raised a total of US$110m in funding. The company plans to utilize the capital boost to improve a new feature aimed at assisting hiring managers in mitigating unconscious bias. The tool provides instant prompts on conducting recruitment in a fair manner. Greenhouse has clients such as Pinterest and Airbnb.

Lumiata is enhancing its analytics tool to better manage healthcare costs.

Lumiata, a health analytics platform, is expediting the development of predictive analytics tools aimed at effectively managing healthcare costs. The California-based group has successfully secured a substantial amount of $11 million to support the ongoing product development. Lumiata utilizes artificial intelligence, specifically deep learning, to analyze patterns within clinical data. The suite of products will assist insurance providers and employers in estimating healthcare costs, according to the company.

Carepoynt, a rewards group, is focusing on expanding its digital presence.

Carepoynt, a health and wellness-centered rewards company based in California, is gearing up to enter the digital health sector with a US$2m seed funding. Carepoynt runs a cloud-based platform that hosts rewards focused on health from a network of providers. Users have the option to exchange the “Poynts” they have earned by engaging in various healthy activities.

HireRight and GIS have successfully completed their merger.

HireRight and General Information Services (GIS) have successfully merged and will now operate under the HireRight brand. The newly merged company will establish offices in various locations across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Guy Abramo, the CEO of GIS, is spearheading the integration and expressing optimism about the advantages that clients will gain from cutting-edge global background screening solutions.