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HR Tech News offers the most up-to-date information on vendor financing, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, as well as significant product launches and updates.

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that allows users to send voice messages, enhancing the communication experience on the platform.
LinkedIn, the professional networking site owned by Microsoft, is set to introduce a voice messaging feature to its Android and iOS app. This new tool aims to provide workers with additional options for engaging in conversations. “Whether you’re on the go or juggling multiple tasks, or if you need to provide a detailed explanation, voice messages offer a convenient and efficient way to communicate with your connections using your own voice,” the company stated. The feature is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.


ADP acquires global payroll service Celergo

ADP, a US payroll and HR software company, has recently acquired Celergo, a global payroll specialist. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed. The acquisition is expected to strengthen ADP’s position in the international payroll outsourcing market, valued at US$3 billion, by offering new services like cross-currency and expatriate payment solutions. In addition to its recent acquisitions of Global Cash Card and WorkMarket, ADP is now able to better serve a diverse and dynamic global workforce, including freelancers and those seeking flexible employment.

Namely secures a substantial US$60 million in funding and announces the appointment of a new CEO.
New York-based HR tech startup Namely has secured a substantial US$60m in venture capital, thanks to the guidance of its recently appointed CEO, Elisa Steele. Before joining Namely, Steele held the position of president and CEO at Jive Software, a prominent enterprise tech group based in California. The funding will be utilized to further enhance Namely’s presence in the HR and benefits tech industry. The company has set its sights on midmarket clients, as they make up the largest portion of employers in the US.

Plum and the University of Waterloo collaborate on a campus recruitment initiative powered by artificial intelligence.
The University of Waterloo, a renowned institution known for fostering innovation, has partnered with Plum, an Ontario-based venture, to pilot a cutting-edge predictive AI hiring tool. This tool will be utilized when the university connects over 21,000 students with a vast network of 6,900 employers. Plum utilizes extensive data to effectively pair candidates with companies where they have the highest chances of success. The platform utilizes advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and psychology to accurately forecast outcomes.