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HR Tech News offers the most recent information on vendor financing, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and significant product launches and updates.

Virtual reality platform for anti-sexual harassment training

Vantage Point, a US enterprise training company, is preparing to provide immersive training against sexual harassment to corporations through the use of virtual reality technology. The Venture Reality Fund, a group of investors who specialize in immersive and intelligent computing, has provided the organization with U$1.3M in seed funding. Organizations in the education, consumer goods, and technology sectors were among the first to implement VR-based training.

Launched mobile application for retail employment seekers

A job matching application that is fueled by machine learning has been developed by 3Pillar Global, a software developer based in the United States, in collaboration with Capango, a retail jobs platform. The iOS and Android application is designed to streamline the recruitment process by connecting job seekers with employers in the retail sector and eliminating the resume-screening phase. The Capango platform emphasizes the applicant’s preferences and interests, which are also referred to as their “passions,” as well as their skills and abilities, which are referred to as their “powers.” In lieu of a resume, applicants may also submit a minute-long video proposal.

ClearCompany, a talent management specialist, has received a capital infusion of US$60 million.

ClearCompany, a US talent management software group, has secured US$60 million in growth capital financing to facilitate growth and extend its partnership with payroll specialist ADP. Additionally, the software company intends to recruit additional personnel to assist with its Advanced Talent solution. ClearCompany is a company that specializes in performance analytics, new hire onboarding, and applicant monitoring.

meQuilibrium, an HR technology startup founded on neuroscience, has secured US$7 million in series C funding.

HR software startup meQuilibrium is broadening its product portfolio beyond employee stress management following the recent completion of a US$7 million series C funding round. The total funding of the United States-based organization is $21.3 million. It now provides data and analytics for talent optimization, as well as soft skill and upskill development, in addition to its portfolio of neuroscience-based stress management solutions that are accessible online.

Glint introduces Cross-Program Intelligence to simplify the analysis of employee feedback.

A software group in the United States, Glint, has introduced Cross-Program Intelligence, which is marketed as a platform for achieving success among people. The function is intended to compile data from a variety of surveys in order to produce a more comprehensive representation of the workforce. “The data effortlessly reveals connections between various aspects of the employee journey, survey measurements and business outcomes, and HR programs and end results,” stated Goutham Kurra, the chief product officer of Glint.