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The human cloud is vital to digital transformation

Digital transformation emphasizes the importance of both technology and people. In 2019, HR leaders prioritized enhancing digital literacy within the HR industry while maintaining a strong focus on the human element.

As the future of work continues to prioritize employee engagement, HR professionals will increasingly rely on technology to better support their talent.

In the future, talent managers will rely on a digital marketplace of talent, commonly referred to as the ‘human cloud’, to efficiently locate the ideal individuals to drive their business forward. Whether it’s through the gig economy or flexible work arrangements facilitated by collaborative technology.
“What we’re witnessing is a continuation of the discussion we had today regarding emerging technology in HR,” stated Gillian Hynes, a senior talent advisor at Royal Dutch Shell, in an interview with HRD prior to her participation at the HR Leaders Summit Calgary.

I believe that the concept of the ‘ecosystem of talent’ and the ‘human cloud’ is of utmost importance and a major focus for organizations in the future.

According to Hynes, employees no longer work for just one employer. She mentioned that individuals in this field are motivated by gaining experience and seeking out new and intriguing challenges.

So, it’s important to understand how to utilize these systems and technological platforms to change the way we work and deliver work to people.

Understanding how to support our employees and leaders through technological changes is crucial from an HR perspective, according to Hynes.