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The perks of automated HR

In the past, HR and personnel were closely linked. Our offices were filled to the brim with paperwork, files, and stationery boxes, creating a cluttered and overwhelming environment.

Now, with the advent of digitization, HR has embraced a paperless approach. HR Tech News interviewed Paul Burrin, VP of Sage People, part of Sage Business Cloud, who highlighted the advantages of transitioning to an automated and paperless work environment.

Transitioning to an automated, paperless department has the potential to revolutionize the way organizations handle HR, he elaborated. Automation greatly decreases the occurrence of mistakes. It greatly simplifies compliance. It provides a higher level of security. It enhances the scalability of systems and approaches. It enhances the overall experience for your employees, managers, and candidates.

Above all, it helps HR and People leaders save time on administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on what truly matters – creating exceptional workforce experiences for their employees.

One of Sage People’s customers, Theisen’s, discovered this firsthand when they transitioned to Sage People.

The HR director, Cindy Burdt, explained how the previous process required team members to submit paperwork for specific situations. This often resulted in the HR team spending days searching through numerous boxes of resumes and applications to locate the necessary documents.

The HR team ensures that paperwork for each month’s upcoming reviews is prepared at least two weeks in advance and promptly sent to stores. Upon arrival, the review required completion by the manager, approval, discussion with the associate, signing, and returning to the HR team. The team would then manually verify wage increases and input them into their outdated systems, while also filing the necessary paperwork.

The entire process was completed in a mere six weeks. Furthermore, the time saved by implementing a paper-free system can be more effectively utilized in other areas of HR, such as enhancing employee engagement and creating exceptional workforce experiences.

Employee engagement and productivity continue to be ongoing challenges for HR professionals, with no easy solutions in sight. We inquired about the potential of a new HR system to improve the internal culture.

“In simple terms, a new HR system alone cannot improve a company’s culture,” Paul explained.

What specific business challenges are you hoping to tackle by implementing a new HR system? What specific areas of your company culture are you aiming to enhance? For instance, reducing turnover, facilitating accelerated growth, or expanding into new markets? Maybe it’s about cultivating a workforce that is more dedicated and devoted.

Understanding the problem you’re trying to solve is crucial for determining how technology can be of assistance.

With a modern global cloud HR and People system, a company can enhance workforce experiences for employees. This solution offers a high level of security, great flexibility, and can be easily accessed worldwide, including on mobile devices and whenever needed. Reports can be easily generated with just a click. Automation greatly reduces the chances of any errors occurring.

Above all, top-notch technology allows HR and People leaders to prioritize what truly matters: providing exceptional workforce experiences for their people.

Ultimately, concepts such as ‘culture’ can be unhelpful. Culture is often linked to perks such as ping pong tables and beer fridges, which employees have expressed little interest in, to be honest. Culture can have different meanings for different individuals.

By focusing on creating exceptional experiences for your team, technology can be a valuable tool.

With pulse surveys, you have the ability to pinpoint employee preferences and swiftly address any concerns. Having real-time data allows for informed decision-making and enables the C-suite to easily access interactive dashboards. Empowering HR and People teams with intuitive self-service tools allows them to focus on their core priorities.

Discover the benefits of implementing automation to transition your HR and People department to a paperless system. Get your hands on Sage People’s case study now and uncover how technology can empower HR to focus on what truly matters.