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Will AI ever replace humans in recruitment

It is unsurprising that employers are prepared to employ a variety of artificial intelligence technologies, given the time-intensive nature of recruitment and the potential cost of a single hire exceeding $20,000.

According to Cathy Doyle, Group Executive, HR, Corporate Affairs & Workplace, Rabobank Australia & New Zealand, AI should not replace human involvement in recruitment, but rather allow individuals to concentrate on tasks that contribute value.

Doyle further stated that AI is adept at transactional and analytical tasks, including candidate engagement, screening, and interacting with career and employment sites. However, he is uncertain as to whether we have reached a point where it is capable of performing more intricate tasks.

“An organization’s most valuable asset – its personnel – are the primary factor in determining cultural compatibility or conducting targeted searches for critical positions.”

Lucinda Gemmell, Virgin Australia’s Group Executive for People, emphasized that individuals are most effective when they apply their distinctive talents and experiences.

“For talent professionals, this entails engaging in high-value tasks that actively connect the most talented individuals with the business’s needs.” Gemmell informed HRD that AI can improve the experience for all parties involved when working in conjunction with humans.

“AI can operate with greater complexity, speed, and adaptability when utilized effectively. For instance, it can respond to candidates located on the opposite side of the globe at a time that is convenient for them.”

Gemmell further stated that AI is incapable of substituting the discernment and expertise that exceptional recruiters possess in the development of world-class talent and teams and the coaching of hiring managers.

Nicholle Duce, Head of Human Resources at Optus, believes that AI will not supplant humans in the process of sourcing candidates; rather, it will improve the work of recruitment professionals.

“Sophisticated algorithms can assist in the efficient sourcing of stronger candidates from a larger and global talent pool, and AI will likely become an essential component of any recruitment campaign,” stated Duce.

The utilization of AI enables recruiters to intelligently automate their workflow and screen candidates with increased speed by means of video interviewing, chat tools, or CV scanning.

Nevertheless, Duce asserted that, despite the numerous undeniable benefits of AI, it will not be able to replicate the emotive intelligence, expertise, and “human touch” that a recruitment professional can provide.