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How this global firm embraces innovative learning

When it comes to e-learning solutions, global companies such as Thomson Reuters depend on forward-thinking individuals like Bill Mills, who have a vision that extends beyond the latest technological fads.

His extensive job title indicates the wide range of technical expertise he possesses.

During his interview with HR Tech News, Mills discussed his approach to corporate training for Thomson Reuters’ US Legal Sales team, which prioritizes the needs of the users.

“Our focus is always on creating a smooth user experience,” Mills stated. For instance, a newly hired individual can seamlessly navigate their onboarding process and receive timely performance support within their work environment, particularly for a platform such as Salesforce.

Mastering the fundamentals of technology

Mills has developed his own learning technology stack to cater to a range of requirements, including sales enablement and video-based learning.

He utilizes Docebo as the team’s learning management system, along with other platforms like WordPress for content delivery and Kaltura for video creation.

Thomson Reuters is an excellent workplace. “We have a wide array of tools,” he said. Our team has developed the necessary infrastructure on each delivery platform to cater to the specific needs of learners and gather the data required to gain insights into their experience.

Tools for monitoring progress

Mills emphasizes the significance of incorporating reporting tools to monitor learners’ activity, including the plugins he utilizes on WordPress. These are essential when implementing the next wave of e-Learning solutions.

An LRS, such as the LearnDash LRS utilized by Mills, gathers information about individuals’ learning experiences from various platforms, regardless of whether they occur online or offline.

The LRS collaborates with the xAPI, a platform that enables various e-Learning technologies to communicate with each other, whether they are mobile learning or virtual reality training tools.

Make sure to inquire about xAPI conformance when considering new platforms for purchase. We are at a critical juncture in terms of the information we monitor and analyze. In the past year, we’ve observed a significant trend among vendors incorporating xAPI into SCORM to monitor user activity. We seem to have reached a significant turning point,” Mills remarked.

For Mills, analyzing and comprehending individuals’ learning experiences is crucial for developing a favorable user experience as a whole.

Understanding your audience is crucial. Instead of beginning with an LMS, consider the learner and, if feasible, employ innovative methods like xAPI to monitor learning and performance in real-time and transmit the data to an LRS,” suggested Mills.

This creates a centralized collection of all the learning activities that occur on your selected platforms. After that, he emphasized the importance of measuring consistently.

Consider utilizing a business intelligence visualization tool such as MS Power BI or Tableau to craft visually appealing dashboards for management. These dashboards can effectively combine performance and learning outcomes to present a compelling narrative.