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Employees crave instant feedback on social media

Experts suggest that engaging with employees in real-time through social media can have a positive impact on both the employer and employee when it comes to recognizing their achievements.

According to a panel hosted by the Institute for Human Resources (IHR), providing instant feedback to employees is more desirable than delayed praise.

The panelists highlighted that real-time social media usage is well-suited for recognition and reward. Modern workplace dynamics are being influenced by patterns of personal behavior, including a growing preference for instant communication.

“The average social media user is seeking to connect with and gain recognition from as many individuals as they can,” they stated.

Recognition in a social context

According to a report by Bersin by Deloitte, a significant majority of employees, 70% to be precise, expressed that their efforts and contributions were not acknowledged or only acknowledged once a year during the annual review.

On the other hand, according to HR analysts, employee recognition on social media is seen as a way for managers to show their appreciation quickly, affordably, and in a way that reaches a wide audience.

Highlighting an employee’s accomplishment in a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn post can be a straightforward way to implement a social recognition program within a company.

Our social recognition program is designed to assist employees in enhancing their online personal and professional reputation.

Some brands that showcase their employees’ contributions behind the scenes include @Spotifyjobs, @PepsiCoJOBS, and @MicrosoftJobs. They provide a valuable insight into the inner workings of the organization.

According to Stephen Baer of The Training Arcade, peer recognition plays a crucial role in fostering a strong company culture.

One of the difficulties with employee recognition is ensuring that it is done promptly, according to him.

Encouraging employees to become brand advocates

Companies can also utilize their employees’ social media activity to enhance their employer brands.

According to a survey on employee activism, half of the participants shared updates about their employers, with a significant portion doing so voluntarily. Additionally, over a third of the respondents expressed positive sentiments about their work.

Employee activism is a growing trend where workers take on the role of brand advocates, actively defending their companies from criticism and sharing company-related updates in their news feed. It is evident that employees play a significant role in shaping the public perception of a company.