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Heroes of HR tech 2019

The visionaries who advocate for people-centric technology are the reason for the success of the rapidly expanding HR tech industry. Our hats are off to five HR tech leaders who are persistently pioneering new territory this year.

Stacy Zapar

Stacy Zapar, a seasoned professional in the recruitment industry, has consistently demonstrated the importance of selecting straightforward, user-friendly tools and platforms that facilitate the quick and efficient recruitment process.

In 2018, Stacy shared with us her five indispensable recruiting tools and promptly followed this with her keynote address at the HR Tech Summit in Toronto. She captivated the audience with a variety of innovative tools and urged them to “let the bots handle the manual stuff” in order to concentrate on strategic HR.

She continues to be one of the most highly regarded speakers at HR tech industry events worldwide.

“I am interested in any tool that simplifies the process of personalizing an outreach message and contacting candidates at their preferred location.” She stated, “That is the direction I anticipate technology will take us in as recruiters.”

David Green

David Green’s 2018 was undeniably significant. The former global director at IBM has solidified his position as one of the most influential figures in the field of people analytics with the launch of his new venture, Zandel. To leaders, his counsel has consistently been to cultivate a culture that prioritizes data and prioritizes individuals.

David’s monthly compilation of the most exceptional HR and people analytics articles is eagerly anticipated, as it consolidates the most recent insights from his peers, thereby enhancing the work of the global people analytics community.

“The HR sector is currently experiencing a significant transformation, with a plethora of new technology entering the market.” David stated, “However, the products that I am most enthusiastic about are those that are being introduced to employees. These products are designed to assist employers in recruiting by providing personalized learning recommendations and internal opportunities within their organizations.”

Martin Hauck

Although the HR industry is still grappling with the concepts of diversity and inclusion, Martin Hauck is already implementing concrete changes to his recruiting practices in accordance with D&I. Unbiasify is a tool that has been developed by the director of talent at Coinsquare to assist companies in identifying unconscious bias in their recruitment strategies.

Martin informed HRD Canada in 2018 that the concept of Unbiasify was inspired by his frequent interviews with numerous individuals, which led him to the realization that the majority of them were not likely to advance in the process.

According to him, the tool is not a panacea; however, it does serve as an indicator of bias and encourages HR executives to evaluate the systemic deficiencies in their hiring process.

Barbara Hyman

Barbara Hyman, like Martin, is dedicated to enhancing talent acquisition and development, particularly through the use of artificial intelligence. The CEO of PredictiveHire is of the opinion that a data-driven approach can reduce the personal bias that frequently contaminates the recruiting process.

Barbara stated, “We should be utilizing AI to inform our decisions.” “Smart AI will augment the amount of valuable information available to you to aid in your decision-making process if you allow it.”

Erica Pearson

Erica Pearson, the co-founder and CEO of Vacation Fund, is a relative newcomer who is currently attracting significant interest in her HR tech venture.

Vacation Fund was established by this visionary who traveled the world in order to assist other employees in saving for their fantasy vacations by utilizing her unique “rewards” technology.

Erica stated, “This is a stunning fusion of financial technology and travel technology.”

As employees begin to allocate a portion of their wages to the travel fund, employers may provide an incentive and demonstrate their dedication to the well-being of their employees by matching the savings.

Traveling forward

Barbara and Erica were each awarded the Tech Den prize at the 2018 HR Tech Summit in Sydney and Toronto, respectively. The competition provides an opportunity for HR tech entrepreneurs to present their concepts in order to be awarded a $20,000 marketing package from Key Media, the publisher of HRD and HR Tech News.

The HR Tech Summit will be held in 2019 in key cities, providing HR professionals worldwide with the opportunity to network with colleagues and learn from industry leaders.

On April 2, the summit will commence at the TKP New York Conference Center in New York City. For additional details, please visit hrtechsummit.com immediately.