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Iconic food company finds recipe for great culture

The Campbell’s Soup brand has become inextricably linked with American culture, from the colorful contemporary art of Andy Warhol to the kitchen cupboards scattered across North America.

However, as the iconic brand, which epitomizes the ethos of mass production in the 20th century, transitioned into a new era of manufacturing, the company sought to “reimagine” its culture and enhance the efficiency of its teams.

The century-and-a-half-old company initiated efforts to improve communication after conducting a staff survey. This was the initial step in the process of incorporating a modern, optimistic attitude and improving teamwork.

Campbell, which takes delight in its status as a household name, selected a platform that was already well-known to over two billion individuals.

However, this time, it was designed to enhance office productivity: Workplace by Facebook.

The adoption of Workplace resulted in a twofold increase in the number of individuals who engaged with and read internal communications, as 70% of Campbell employees were already familiar with the tools and ecosystem of Facebook as a social media channel.

Kristin Ennis, Campbell’s senior manager of employee communications, stated, “Campbell is more connected than we have ever been.”

The company stated that internal communications have been enhanced in three distinct methods.

Initially, employees who are on the road, visiting stores or meeting consumers, can report back to headquarters via Workplace Chat, even on their mobile devices.

Secondly, Live Video enables employees to document meetings and events at work, identify individuals, and maintain communication. Individuals who are unable to attend may rewatch the event at a later date.

Third, teams can collaborate, share documents, and keep each other informed by utilizing a combination of Workplace Chat and Groups, much like how individuals who join Facebook Groups for personal use become a part of a community.

The platform emulates the convivial atmosphere of Facebook in a professional environment, incorporating GIFs and Like/Reaction buttons.

Campbell observed a 243% increase in the overall connectivity of employees as the office culture became more collaborative.

Ennis stated, “In a mere nine months, we have witnessed an entire transformation.” “I believe it is due to the fact that Workplace provides tools that can be accessed at any time and from any location.”