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Metoo in technology we trust

In today’s climate, it can be quite difficult for employees to come forward and shed light on instances of sexual misconduct and bullying, especially when they feel powerless within the current system.

According to Neta Meidav, CEO and co-founder of Vault Platform, an app that assists individuals in documenting cases of misconduct, organizations have been utilizing hotlines for quite some time to allow victims to report incidents anonymously. However, it is disheartening to learn that only a quarter of cases are actually reported.

Ultimately, the issue stems from a lack of confidence in the previous system.

The process of reporting misconduct has frequently been a lengthy and distressing experience for those who file complaints. According to a study conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a significant 75% of workers who report allegations have unfortunately experienced some form of retaliation.

This flawed reporting system has contributed to the driving force behind the #MeToo movement. Individuals require a platform to express their thoughts and feelings, while also being safeguarded from any additional distress.

“We discovered a more profound issue that is occurring,” Meidav informed Business Insider in June. We devised a notion that the reporting system can be rectified internally.
Power in collective quantities

Meidav’s London-based startup Vault Platform is at the forefront of the HR technology industry, known as TrustTech. The app is designed to enable employees to collect evidence directly on their device, including inappropriate text, chat, or email messages, and timestamp them.

An interesting aspect of the app is the ‘GoTogether’ option, allowing multiple individuals to collectively file a case with their employer. This feature guarantees that everyone who comes forward is constructing reliable and substantial evidence.

“The current legacy hotline solution,” Meidav explained to TechCrunch, “poses a higher risk of abuse as employees can easily submit anonymous tips without any responsibility for their words.”

Vault Platform stands out among other HR tech solutions by empowering individuals who have been silenced by a flawed reporting system.

Callisto, a platform designed to address the issue of sexual assault, offers victims a way to report incidents anonymously and immediately. Employers utilizing the Callisto Expansion service can extend an invitation to their employees to confidentially report any incidents involving their perpetrator.

When checking for a ‘match’, we compare the distinct identifiers of the perpetrator (such as phone number, email address, or social media profiles) that were entered into Callisto. We accomplish this task without the ability to visually perceive the data, employing intricate cryptography techniques,” the group explains on its website.

When multiple survivors identify the same perpetrator, we ensure that each survivor is connected with their own Legal Options Counselor. Legal Options Counselors are attorneys who are licensed to practice in the state the survivor lives in, have expertise in sexual harassment and assault law, and are trained to provide empathetic counseling to survivors, ensuring that they are able to explore their options in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Platforms such as Vault Platform and Callisto not only provide a space for individuals to report incidents, but also strive to foster a culture of trust and safety within organizations.

“Rather than simply converting old solutions into digital form,” Meidav explained, “we have created a robust tool that can truly assist employees in conquering their fear of reporting and instilling trust in the workplace.”

Genuine human connections

HR technology plays a crucial role in maintaining an open, diverse, inclusive, and safe environment. On 6 November, a gathering of industry leaders will take place in New York to delve into the topic of meeting the expectations of employees in a world that is increasingly interconnected. In this context, the focus will be on fostering genuine, captivating, and personal connections between employees and their employers.